Day 3: 50/50

During the month of November, IL Farm Bureau is featuring 30 Faces Behind the Food. Keep an eye out, you might just see someone you know!

Standing Out in the Field

Kathy Reinhardt and her husband have always farmed, but for the better part of their life together, it was Kathy’s husband who did the farming and Kathy who did the part time helping while she worked off the farm as a CPA.

Today, however, Kathy and her husband split the farming duties almost right down the middle. After 20 years as a public accountant, Kathy decided quit her job ‘in town’ and work on the farm full time, taking on a significant portion of the farm’s financial- and marketing-related decisions.


Kathy is staking out the same territory as a growing number of women in agriculture: serving as the primary, or one of the primary, decision makers on her farm.

Her on-farm jobs are many and range from tax planning and preparation, to determining cash flow, handling inventories, assisting with grain marketing and even driving the combine. For Kathy, the step from part…

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